Friday, December 7, 2012

Who is Andy Ruiz Jr.?

I was a bit taken by surprise when I first laid eyes upon Andy Ruiz Jr. He certainly does not look like a heavyweight prospect, but he sure does fight like one. I could not get passed the fact that he looks more like Jared Fogel before the subway diet..and then the bell rang. He showed very fast hands, good power, head movement, some nice defense, and an overall boxing know how. He may not look the part, but does that really matter? I am not saying that Ruiz is the next big thing but I am saying we should at least give him a chance, I mean, he is fun to watch at least.

The good thing is that his weight has come down significantly since his debut, in which he was 300lbs. He now comes in around 250. In his last fight he weighed in at 256 against Oliver McCall's son Elijah, and he knocked him out in three rounds. Its still unclear how far he will go but he definetly has the skill to get him there. We won't be able to tell how good he is until we see him in against better opposition, but so far he has compiled a 17-0 record, with 11 ko's, a 64% knockout ratio, not bad. I think he is ready for a step up in class and then we will get to see what he is really made of.

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